Celebrating Educators’ Determination and Impact

As the new fall semester begins, land-grant universities' educators face an ever-changing educational environment along with complex, challenging, and critical responsibilities.  They inspire students to be excited about learning, embrace challenges as opportunities, work collaboratively, and expand their perspectives.  Educators develop and deliver academic programs that prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to launch their careers in an increasingly high technology and global economy.  

At colleges of agriculture and state agricultural experiment stations, researchers encourage students to think critically, solve problems, and create solutions.  Scientists involve graduate and undergraduate students in cutting-edge research projects that are making the agricultural system more efficient, resilient, and sustainable.  

Beyond the traditional classroom, Extension agents educate people of many ages and backgrounds (e.g., small business owners, beginning farmers, foresters, and ranchers, and others) who want to advance their skills or launch new careers in communities across the U.S.   

Delivered by Cooperative Extension, 4-H provides experiences where young people learn by doing. For more than 100 years, 4‑H has welcomed young people of all beliefs and backgrounds.  4‑H agriculture programs equip young people with the skills to succeed in life. Source: Agriculture - National 4-H Council.   

These educators profoundly shape their students’ professional paths and encourage lifelong learning.  They are deeply committed to helping students build better lives for themselves and a better collective future.  The FANR team thanks all the dedicated agriculture and natural resources educators, researchers, and Extension professionals who inspire their students in classrooms, labs, communities, and beyond. 

Examples of remarkable educators are described in “A Community of Scholars Honoring Excellence: 2022 Food and Agricultural Sciences Excellence in College and University Awards Program.”  Please see short excerpts by clicking the accordions below and full descriptions at 2022-Awards-Booklet.pdf (  

Land-grant Educators’ Leadership: Examples from Land-grant Impacts

4-H Educates Youths on the Importance of Agriculture
With less than 2% of Americans living on a farm, broad societal misconceptions about farming and aging farmers, it is imperative to inspire, educate and cultivate the next generation of farmers and agricultural leaders. Young people need to hear authentic stories, have access to engaging and immersive education and see demonstrations of 21st-century farming. 

Scaling up Skills for Success in Agriculture
To remain competitive in the agricultural industry, farmers must stay current on the latest techniques and technology. Training new workers is also essential to building necessary skills in the agricultural labor force. 

Programs for an Aging Population Focus on Small Ways to Make a Big Difference
The percentage of the U.S. population over the age of 50 is rapidly rising and a disproportionate share of this aging population growth is in rural areas where access to health-based services is more limited and the mortality rate higher. Extension services across the country target specific health and wellness issues in this age group through creative programming and are seeing big results through these little changes. 

Investing in community development
Advancing the growth of communities, multiple land-grant universities are providing vital programs to help with finding employment, opening businesses, and offering essential services for those in need. Research and Cooperative Extension experts are making a difference in the communities they serve. 

Preparing the Next Generation of Farm Operators
Farm families facing the challenging issue of transferring the farm to the next generation confront many hurdles in putting together a sound succession plan.  Programs are helping farmers with financial management - solidifying and preserving farm operations, ensuring these operations are profitable, sustainable, and transferable in the years to come. 



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