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Investing in community development

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Advancing the growth of communities, multiple land-grant universities are providing vital programs to help with finding employment, opening a business and offering essential services for those in need. Research and Cooperative Extension experts are making a difference in the communities they serve.

Successful examples include:

  • In Alabama, 1890 Extension professionals are “Promoting Readiness for Employment Possibilities,” educating 595 participants about issues related to employment, including basic job search and the importance of soft skills in 2021. Results showed that among 140 respondents, 79% (111) increased their knowledge of soft skills. In addition, the evaluation revealed a 34% increase in their beliefs and skills related to basic job search skills, such as job searching, interviewing, resume building and soft skills.
  • Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) individuals have disproportionately low levels of business ownership in Wisconsin. The Food Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development program supports BIPOC food-based startups with training in business fundamentals, marketing strategies and access to a business planning tool.

See the full National Impacts Database Report here.

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