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Staying a step ahead of pests

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Researchers at the nation’s land-grant universities are helping protect food crops from direct insect damage and diseases spread by insect pests. Their work helps improve crop quality, crop yield and farm profitability.

Here are a few examples of that work:

  • At Fort Valley State University in Georgia, researchers have found a combination of beneficial nematodes and a widely available insecticide provides an important tool in managing the peanut burrower bug. The insect pest poses a significant threat to the state’s peanut crop. Georgia produces about 50% of the nation’s peanuts.
  • Oregon State University scientists are working to find effective alternatives for a recently banned pesticide that was crucial to the state’s grass seed crop producers to battle insects. Oregon leads the country in grass seed production, with more than 400,000 acres grown annually.
  • In Illinois, Extension professionals are providing farmers with research-based information on the effectiveness of insecticides to control corn rootworm and other major insect pests.

Source: National Impacts Database

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