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Improving the health of livestock animals

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Livestock producers are continually searching for new management strategies that will help them be both innovative and better animal stewards. Maintaining healthy animals may also protect human health.

Here are a few examples of that work:

  • A Georgia poultry scientist worked with a pharmaceutical company to redesign their Salmonella vaccine to reduce poultry deaths. The vaccine, which contains killed Salmonella, is effective against Salmonella and E. coli and did not cause any birds to die.
  • Arkansas researchers found three bacteria strains that significantly improve pig health and feed efficiency. Those strains were used to develop three probiotic products, which can reduce reliance on antibiotics to protect swine health.
  • Auburn Extension provided aquaculture/aquaponics workshops for Alabama teachers, students, seafood producers, researchers, Extension agents and the public. To further extend the information, the aquaculture training videos were posted on YouTube, where they were viewed 140,471 times in 60+ countries.

Source: National Impacts Database

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