Puerto Rican Emerald Hummingbird Perched on a Stem

Increasing public awareness of pollinators as contributors to global food security

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Pollination involves the process of pollen transference from a male part of a flower to the female part of the flower, subsequently causing fecundation. This procedure is performed by a pollinator. Although this process is well known, day after day we keep losing them.

To deal with this situation, the Puerto Rico Agricultural Extension Service (PRAES) in collaboration with the United States Forest Service and the Botanical Garden of the University of Puerto Rico organized the First Puerto Rico Pollinator Fair at the UPR Botanical Garden in Rio Piedras. Educational activities benefited adults and youth and focused on creating awareness about the benefit that pollinators provide to food production and the importance of protecting pollinators and their habitat. Examples of these activities included Integrated Pest Management in farms and forests, the role of hummingbirds and bats as pollinators, edible gardens that attract pollinators, establishment of pollinator gardens, among other relevant topics.

Source: National Impacts Database

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