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Prioritizing food and nutrition security

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Many Michiganders struggle to reliably access nutrient-rich foods; this is especially true for households with children and with racial and ethnic minorities.

MSU Extension community nutrition instructors contribute to efforts throughout the state focused on supporting access to and consumption of vegetables and fruit. MSU Extension staff members delivered relevant and practical nutrition education—a key component of the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Programs model. In addition to education and support, targeted participants received vouchers to purchase produce at local farmers markets and retail settings. Community nutrition instructors served as trusted resources for participants navigating farmers markets, where they encouraged use of food resources such as Double Up Food Bucks.

MSU Extension community nutrition staff members also partnered with MSU Extension Master Gardeners to support increased fresh produce donations to food pantries. Community nutrition instructors contributed to the harvest of over 600 pounds of fresh produce with the help of about 40 volunteers.

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