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Land-grant universities improve local food security

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Food security impacts individuals, as well as the health of entire communities. Through creation of food pantries, community gardens, food drives, farmers markets and more, land-grant universities and local community initiatives collaborate to keep food on the table for many.

Successful examples include:

  • An effort begun during Covid-19 is still providing high-quality shrimp to food banks in Louisiana. With help from USDA, the local Sea Grant program was able to develop workable guidelines for the purchase and distribution of shrimp. The effort supports a vital industry in the state and provides a highly valued addition to the diets of food bank clients. 
  • Alabama’s Grow More, Give More program helps gardeners grow more food and encourages them to donate garden produce to food banks and food pantries. Last year participants donated fresh produce to 6,500 families worth an estimated retail value of $60,000.

Source: National Impact Database

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