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Increase in ag fatalities and injuries highlights need for training

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Last year, Purdue University research revealed a 40% increase in reported cases of confined space incidents on farms.

“In 2022, the summary reported 83 cases – 24 fatal and 59 non-fatal – involving agricultural confined spaces. This represents a 40.7% increase over the 59 cases reported in 2021. Not every case may be reported, and as a result, these numbers are approximate.

Of the total number of confinement cases, 42 grain-related entrapments represented a 44.8% increase over 2021. This was the highest number of reported grain entrapments in over a decade. According to the authors, grain entrapments are the most common type of agricultural confined space incident.”

Read more from the Indiana Farm Bureau urging farmers to access university educational resources to prevent future tragedies.

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