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Diabetes prevention and patient empowerment

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One in three adults in the United States has prediabetes, and 10.5% of the population has diabetes. Both increase the risk for heart disease and stroke among other negative health outcomes. Extension educators teach participants to eat healthy, manage stress and increase physical activity. This all helps manage weight and prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases. A collaborative approach helps participants find solutions to common barriers for living a healthy lifestyle.

Successful examples include:

  • The Dining with Diabetes program in Louisiana helped 71% of participants with better glucose management.
  • The Diabetes Empowerment Education Program in Alabama provides eight hours of diabetes self-management training for those diagnosed or at high risk of diabetes.
  • In Georgia, 104 people participated 956 hours of educational programs in the Diabetes Prevention Program. Participants lost a total of 840 pounds over the past year. There were 25 participants with or at high risk for prediabetes and they met or exceeded the 5% weight loss goal shown to reduce the risk of diabetes. The participants saved an estimated $77,897 over the next year through participation in the Diabetes Prevention Program. These programs, among others, are supporting health and wellbeing of residents with prediabetes, diabetes and other chronic health conditions while saving them money on health care.

Source: National Impacts Database

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