West Virginia University Students Propose New Design for the WVU Core Arboretum

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West Virginia University students and alumni will come together to design a visionary plan for the WVU Core Arboretum during the landscape architecture program’s annual design planning session. The 91-acre natural area located between Monongahela Boulevard and the Monongahela River is managed by the Department of Biology. The current area includes three miles of foot trails and is used for education, research and recreation.

The annual design challenge event  puts a team of designers to the test to quickly address problems they identify. Students must conduct a thorough analysis of the area and develop designs for a proposed Core Arboretum master plan. Some of the issues they will address include rerouting sections of trails and addressing storm water runoff, all while taking into consideration how their design will impact surrounding vegetation and terrain.  The event allows students to apply skills they learn in the classroom to a real-world project right in their own backyard.

To learn more about West Virginia University and the WVU Core Arboretum, read more here.

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