University of Wisconsin-Madison Genetics Professor Adds “Baking Expert” to her Resume

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A cake recipe may be easier to understand than the science behind cell biology, but Professor Ahna Skop at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has found a way to connect chocolate with chromosomes

Professor Skop has baked a cake to celebrate each of her lab’s academic publications and graduating students for the past 14 years. Her cakes are unique in shape and decorations as each reflects the theme of her lab’s latest findings.

What started as a delicious and creative reward for her lab, Skop has found that baking cakes is a fun approach to science outreach. She is using these cakes to share science with the wider world.

While learning about cell division from a textbook can be intimidating, learning through a sweet treat makes learning fun and delicious. “It’s an easy way to engage with the public because everyone knows what a cake is,” says Skop.

To learn more about this tasty approach to science communication, read more here.

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