University of Tennessee Creates Helpful At-Home Resource for the State’s Gardeners

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Home gardeners and growers across the state are getting an exciting gift this holiday season: The Tennessee Home Garden Vegetable Calendar from the University of Tennessee Extension Fruit and Vegetable Workgroup. The calendar aims to help users create a comprehensive plan for home vegetable gardens that can help gardeners of all skill levels successfully plant a variety of vegetables.

The calendar has all kinds of tips for scheduling planting, harvesting, and general management of the garden. It also includes monthly tasks for growers and an area for taking notes on that month’s weather and crop observations.

“We are excited about this calendar because it can support both new and experienced gardeners with schedules, tips, and information on vegetable varieties for the garden,” said UT Extension plant sciences expert, Natalie Bumgarner.

To download a copy of the Tennessee Home Vegetable Garden 2018 Calendar, click here.

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