University of New Hampshire’s Consumer Survey Shows Great Potential for Local Farmers

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As the local agriculture industry in New England continues to grow, so does the legislation enhancing and expanding the local agriculture production in Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. In order to ensure the success of the industry’s expansion, the University of New Hampshire surveyed the region to find out what consumers care and think about when it comes to local foods.

They discovered that 54 percent of their audience said that it was “very important” to them that their locally-grown produce maintains local farmland. This was the most important thing to consumers, just above supporting the local economy through local produce (46 percent) and buying produce that is grown without pesticides (45 percent).

As the industry and its power grows, results like these are exciting. Knowing that consumers are not just enjoying their local produce, but purposely buying it because they want to support their land is a promising insight for the future of New Hampshire’s agriculture.

For more of the survey’s results and what it means for New Hampshire, read more here.

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