University of Missouri Professor Believes Crop Modeling is Key to Getting Nitrogen Amounts Right

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Curtis Ransom, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Missouri’s Plant Sciences Division, has been intrigued by agriculture ever since he was counting wheat heads with his father in Kenya as a child. He has a particular interest in agricultural research, and recently he received a National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant to research how to improve recommendations of nitrogen usage for corn farmers.

This will piggyback on Ransom’s doctoral research where he assessed tools farmers can use to better understand the best amount of nitrogen to apply to crops and how to apply it. Ransom was intrigued by crop growth modeling whichcan show researchers how crops will behave when exposed to certain management practices and environmental factors. This modeling system is key in Ransom’s development of a nitrogen management plan that will suggest the correct time to administer nitrogen, where to apply the fertilizer, and even the correct method of using nitrogen on the field.

Nitrogen is one of the most expensive costs farmers incur, and it is difficult to know how much to use when fertilizing. As of now, there is no great balance between the correct amount of nitrogen to use and the greatest yield possible, however Ransom believes his crop modeling will help solve this problem.

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