University of Maryland Student Works to Provide Ag Education in Rural African Communities

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University of Maryland, College Park senior Cedric Nwafor is leading an effort to provide agricultural education and support to rural African communities. Nwafor founded and is President of ROOTS Africa, an international platform where youth can share agricultural ideologies and challenges with each other. Receiving support from International Programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Nwafor’s organization has partnered with the Liberian International Christian College (LICC) in Nimba, Liberia to develop an education experience for students and faculty.

The partnership will feature a spring break component where University of Maryland students will spend time in Liberia working directly with local students and gaining hands-on experience in rural agriculture and resource management. The program has been fundraising for their trip to Liberia over spring break with the goal of expanding to other schools in Africa. Additionally, ROOTS Africa is currently planning a book drive to bring agricultural textbooks to build up the LICC library. The trip will feature educational lectures and trainings in the areas of pest management, soil testing, agricultural entrepreneurship, and even organizing a future agricultural expo.

Nwafor is excited to share great agricultural and food advances from the United States with people in Africa who in turn can apply them to their own practices and overall improve their lives. This collaboration between the local community and University of Maryland students, faculty, and alumni is motivated by the mission to ensure sustainable and healthy food supplies around the world to combat challenges such as changing climates, economic hardship, and food safety concerns. Nwafor and the University of Maryland supporters hope that by sharing agricultural education they can help rural African communities have sustained success in their agricultural practices.

To learn more about this exciting partnership and effort, read more here.

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