University of Maryland student group travels abroad to fight poverty and hunger in Liberia

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Roots, Africa is a University of Maryland, College Park student group that aims to fight hunger and poverty in rural Africa. Throughout the Fall, the group, led by Cedric Nwafor and Dave Myers, has been developing different educational and training programs and recently they traveled to Liberia to implement them. This marked the first time the group had a presence on the ground of a country they were helping.

The group brought insight, equipment, and new technologies which were selected based on the needs of villagers in Liberia. The group also set up a working relationship with the Liberian International Christian College (LICC). The LICC is an important resource that has become a central part of the agricultural community as villagers can go to learn about new farming practices, access technology, or obtain important resources.

This partnership with Liberia and the LICC will continue: Roots’ next project is an agriculture expo for this upcoming September. This expo will bring together farmers and vendors, creating an environment where business can flourish. The ambitious group wants to expand to other countries in Africa and ultimately create a non-profit. 

To learn more about Roots, Africa, read more here.

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