University of Kentucky’s New Facility Will Be a Boost for Kentucky’s Agricultural Industry

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The University of Kentucky has broken ground on their new Grain and Forage Center of Excellence facility, the largest project ever approved by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board. State-level issues such the effect intensive agriculture production has on water quality have global implications that University of Kentucky researchers will be better equipped to take on  As agriculture plays a fundamental role in Kentucky’s economy, research from the University of Kentucky is crucial in ensuring the state’s agricultural growth and success.  Research made possible through this center will support positive agricultural production for the state and the world.

With this new center, University of Kentucky researchers will be able to take on new projects that are of particular importance to Kentucky farmers and citizens. Researchers from outside the university will be drawn to work in the state’s unique soils and climate as a result of the new facility. The goal of this new project is to help improve Kentucky’s farm economy by promoting advanced technologies and useful practices through research conducted at the cutting-edge center.

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