University of Kentucky Finds Solutions for Soybeans with New Mobile App

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Soybean storage is not a cheap process for producers, whether they outsource the process to a soybean storage elevator or have their own storage facility on the farm. Delivery fees, storage fees, and the loading process can all have a significant impact on profits and soybean moisture levels (which again hurts the producer’s profits).

Luckily, the Kentucky Soybean Board and the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture have a solution.

They’ve developed an app called Best Bean Buyer to help soybean producers accurately calculate and compare prices offered by elevators, factoring in delivery costs and high-moisture penalties for their harvested crops. While these price elements can be complex, the app will help producers eliminate the cost of delivering to a bad elevator that will store their beans for a smaller net profit.

The benefits of creating a mobile app include being able to use the device in the field. The data collected on the app can tell producers the distance from their current position to every elevator, individual producer costs for grain transportation, and even where in the field the producer is standing. All of these functions can provide extremely important information to soybean producers so they can make the most out of their crops and profit as much as possible.

For more information on the apps features and a detailed tutorial on how to use it, read more here.

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