University of Arkansas’s 5-Step Guide to Keeping Streets and Creeks Safe in the Snow

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When wintry precipitation comes along, water quality experts at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture say that shovels should be the first choice for keeping walkways safe and slip-free.

“Applying salt, chemicals, and sand to sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots can harm the environment once the snow melts and becomes runoff into creeks through storm drains,” said Jane Maginot, Washington County extension agent for the Division of Agriculture.

Maginot and her team have five suggestions for keeping winter walking and driving safe as well as local streams and waterways:

  1. Clear walkways before snow turns into ice. Apply salt only if needed.
  2. Salt doesn’t melt ice below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Use sand for traction when it’s too cold, or a different de-icer.
  3. Use salt only where critical. Aim for 3 inches of space between salt granules.
  4. Clean up any leftover salt, sand, and de-icer to save and reuse when needed.
  5. Enjoy winter weather knowing you did your part to keep walkways and creeks safe.

For more tips and information on water quality from University of Arkansas, read more here.

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