University of Arkansas Improves Water Quality by Turning Trash into Treasure

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The citizens of Arkansas’ Jefferson County were struggling with discarding their trash appropriately, and their water systems were taking a hit from it.

“If trash accumulates, water can’t flow. If water can’t flow, then it comes up on the streets and you’re sitting at a light and your radiator is almost flooded because of the water,” said Jefferson County Extension Staff Chair Lee Anderson.

Anderson did some thinking, and realized that a lot of Jefferson County’s garbage could be upcycled into items they can actually use again. To upcycle means to repurpose objects like wood pallets that would otherwise end up in a landfill or illegally dumped. Through University of Arkansas Jefferson County Extension office, Anderson is leading a workshop to teach people how to repurpose objects like wood pallets into coffee tables, bath racks, and more. By reusing these items in a productive way, Anderson hopes to improve Arkansas’ recycling habits and reduce the amount of litter in the water.

To learn more about the repurposing process and the impact it can have on Arkansas’ water, read more here.

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