University of Arkansas Extension Does Water Polluted Runoff Educational Outreach with “Super Sammy”

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In an effort to promote responsible stormwater management through Arkansas, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Extension services is supporting the Arkansas Stormwater Education Program’s new educational outreach efforts with their “Super Sammy” character. Central Arkansas actor, Sammy Andrews, was cast to play the “Super Sammy” character in 2017 as part of educational outreach efforts by 4-H Arkansas and the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

The outreach effort was developed to appeal to a broad range of Arkansans, including both children and adults. “Super Sammy” is drawing attention to the human causes of water pollution. The outreach campaign features a video where “Super Sammy” partners with the animated “Wayne Drop” character to emphasize that water that flows on impervious surfaces like parking lots goes into storm drains goes to creeks and not treatment plants. Along the way, this water picks up waste that people often just leave on the ground, such as motor oil and cigarette butts. The University of Arkansas Extension is working hard to educate and prevent polluted runoff in the state.

To see the new “Super Sammy” video and to learn more about the University of Arkansas, read more here.

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