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How quickly do we normalize unusual weather? Scientist studied tweets to find out

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“Interesting weather we’re having lately,” is more than just a topic of small talk to researchers at UC Davis. They wanted to know just how much the average person actually takes notice of and talks about unusual weather. To do so they took a look at one of the best platforms for getting a sense of individual opinion – Twitter!

After looking at over 2 billion tweets about nothing but the weather (ironically, the researchers spent several hundred hours inside while doing this) they noticed a pattern. The typical person stops caring about weather patterns once they notice that the pattern persists year after year. Sure, your local weather man keeps reporting this is “the hottest summer on record”, but since it’s happening year after year, people stop taking notice and stop bringing it up. To them it has become just a part of life.

However, the anomalies get everyone talking. A freak summer day in January? People are abuzz. A hurricane on the horizon? Twitter better prepare for a hurricane of retweets. Slowly increasing temperatures over a five-year span? No one seems to talk about it.

Check out the full study for more information, and we challenge you to remark about the weather even when it isn’t remarkable.

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