Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Food Safe During the Holiday Season

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Food can make a great gift for the holidays. But if you’re on the receiving end, food safety specialist Londa Nwadike wants you to be sure you’re storing the food properly in order to enjoy it throughout the season. As a consumer food safety specialist for University of Missouri Extension and Kansas State University Research and Extension, she has learned a lot about the condition of food and ways to keep it fresh.

“Mail-order food companies have an excellent food safety record, but delays, breakage, and failure of cold packing can happen. That’s why it’s important to inspect food gifts when they arrive to make sure they’re in good condition,” says Nwadike. With Christmas quickly approaching and deliveries being rushed to their recipients, double-check your food packages before you serve them.

If you’re hosting a holiday dinner party, there’s a good chance cheese is involved. Cheese (especially cheddar) travels well and shows little deterioration in cold weather whereas soft cheeses (like cream cheese) must arrive cold. Processed or hard cheeses can arrive at room temperature but should be refrigerated upon arrival.

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