The University of California Provides Research and Resources for Drought Relief

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California’s farmers, government officials, land owners and other residents are constantly searching for strategies to adapt to the state’s cycles of drought. According to scientists, the demand for water is likely to exceed its supply more often than not in California in the future. Continual research and implementation of effective water management strategies is critical to learning to live with limited water. The University of California system has been at the forefront of research and programs aimed at drought and water management, including:

  • Drought Tip Sheets. University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources is consistently updating their water and drought management tip sheets for farmers, ranchers, and homeowners. These tip sheets range from drought strategies for wine grapes to irrigating citrus trees with limited water. These free science-based resources are always available for growers to use when planning and preparing their crops.
  • Drought Awareness and Planning Video Series. The UC California Institute for Water Resources has recently produced a series of videos to maintain drought awareness and planning, covering a broad spectrum of California crops. These videos serve as a visual resource for growers who are looking for expert solutions for their suffering fields and ways of implementing more effective irrigation systems.
  • Groundwater Management Education, Policy, and Outreach. The UC Cooperative Extension Groundwater Hydrology Program provides education outreach to farm advisors and California water managers. Their research has helped shape water policy and support growers facing the challenges of managing groundwater during dry years.

These are just a few techniques the University of California is using to address the state’s water challenges. For additional ways you can help ensure these programs and others like them continue to produce real results for your community, please click here.

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