The University of Arkansas Supports Producers in Adjusting to New Food Safety Standards

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The Food Safety Modernization Act was originally developed to strengthen safeguards in the U.S. food supply, and new rules and regulations within the act are meant to shift from reacting to outbreaks of food-borne illness to preventing them. These regulations are meant to prevent contamination straight from the source by setting standards for agricultural water, farm worker hygiene and cleanliness, compost and sanitation conditions, equipment, and tools.

Although this is a great goal, the regulations may change the way producers run their operations and could need new certifications. To help ease the process, The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service will be educating producers about the new requirements, how to obtain their certification, and meet the goals of the FSMA.

The University of Arkansas is leading trainings from November through January across the state. For dates and details, read more here.


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