The Ohio State University Launches New Research Department Focused on Human-Animal Interaction

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The Ohio State University’s new Center for Human-Animal Interactions Research and Education (CHAIRE) helps us answer the question we’re all thinking about: we love how our dogs, our cats, and all our pets make us feel, but why?

The center was started by assistant animal sciences professor Kelly George, who along with the Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Social Work, Nursing, and Agriculture departments will dig deeper into the human-animal bond. Their research will mainly focus on the conservation of wildlife, the health benefits of having animals, and the welfare and treatment of animals (including those on farms).

“Human-animal interaction is a daily event in peoples’ lives, from the food they’re eating, to the wildlife they encounter, to their dog at home,” said George. “We believe CHAIRE offers a new direction for research and outreach in this area.”

George is specifically hoping to learn more about the impact humans have on animals, which is usually less talked about.

“People typically look at it from the human perspective only,” she said. “They’ll want to tell me about their dog and how it makes them feel. I always try to help them acknowledge that we need to be sensitive to the needs of the animals as well, making sure the animal is not being put in a situation that’s beyond its comfort.”

George’s research is not only beneficial for pet owners, but livestock owners as well. To read more about their plans for the center and their partnering organizations, read more here.

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