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Texas A&M Agrilife Extension is Clearing the Confusion About Food Labels

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Don’t be confused by complicated food labels and misleading marketing. Products labeled with “non-GMO” and “natural” are not always what they seem, making it hard for consumers to make the best choices. Texas A&M Agrilife Extension knows how tricky grocery shopping can be these days and are rolling out a new program to help guide consumers through it. Path to Plate aims to dispel myths and misinformation about food production.

“This program is all about connecting agriculture with health,” said Dr. Susan Ballabina, AgriLife Extension executive associate director. “Texas A&M AgriLife has the expertise, the wholes spectrum from nutritional professionals to health professionals to premier agricultural scientists, to tie everything together from food systems to the consumer, who is trying to make a choice in the supermarket.”

The program is focused around health and how buying decisions in the grocery store can really impact your health. Ballabina is hoping this program can help educate consumers to make selections good for their health and that they can feel good about.

“There are so many brands, so many claims, so many words on the labels describing the product,” said Dr. Angela Burkham, AgriLife Extension family and community health state program leader. “Our goal is to educate the consumer on what those terms mean, because if a consumer is educated, they can make a wise choice on food products that best meet their needs.”

To learn about confusing food labels, read more about Path to Plate and AgriLife Extension’s educational materials.

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