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Students Get Hands-On Agriculture Experience Inside the Classroom, Thanks to Oklahoma State University

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For the past ten years, the Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension’s Farm to You interactive exhibit has been educating and entertaining kids across the state. The program is run at different schools to give kids hands-on agricultural experience and teach them about the industry in a way that textbooks can’t.

“Kids can be disconnected when it comes to knowing where their food comes from. Many of today’s youth think their food simply comes from the store,” said Brandon Miller, coordinator for the Farm to You exhibit. “It’s important for them to realize our agricultural producers are providing a healthy and safe product for them.”

At the exhibit, students rotate between stations where they participate in activities and learn about the relationships between agriculture, food, and health. The stations include a variety of topics, including the importance of teeth brushing, how food travels through the body and strengthens it, how to make healthy food choices, proper portion sizes, and more.

“This is a great head start on our farm unit. It really helps kids visualize what agriculture is,” said Katrina Wilkins, a pre-K teacher whose school recently hosted the exhibit. “In class, we talk about the fact that what we eat and what we wear comes from the farm. This helps them gain a better understanding of why farms are important.”

To learn more about the exhibit and how its helping educate Oklahoma’s youth, read more here.

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