Students Assist Peruvian Communities with Developmental Problems

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Students from the University of Vermont enrolled in the Community and International Economic Transformation course travel to Peru every year to help spur development in local communities. This University of Vermont course allows students to apply concepts they have learned in the classroom to the real world.

This year’s trip, led by assistant professor Dan Tobin and lecturer Nathan Fry, focused on woman empowerment, water scarcity, and seed systems. The best way to help communities solve these complex developmental problems is through collaboration, bringing knowledge from the academic world together with experience that the community members have.

Not only is this trip effective in solving the problems of Andean communities, it inspires a group of leaders that will be affecting developmental change in the future. This course gives students the tools necessary to help communities in need and allows them to grow through hands on experience.

To learn more about this course from the University of Vermont, read more here.

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