The Ohio State University Finds Age-Old Hobby Grows Opportunities for Inner City Youth

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Poverty can lead to poor health, high rates of unemployment, food insecurity, and lower levels of education, but The Ohio State University looks to change that through one hobby: gardening.

The Urban GEMS (Gardening Entrepreneurs Motivating Sustainability) program works to improve health related knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, healthy eating habits, and community engagement of disadvantage youth by teaching them skills in science, agriculture, and food production. So far, participants have gained new knowledge on healthy eating, but the program’s team have also noticed young people taking on more leadership roles and helping the community by producing food for the hungry.

The program currently operates in two neighborhoods in Columbus, OH and hopes to expand to nine locations in 2017.

If you were in an Urban GEMS, you might be attending a “salad in a jar” party – read more about the life-changing program from Ohio State University here.

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