Purdue University Extension Has All the Tips to Make Your Trees Grow Strong this Fall

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Trees provide plenty of benefits – beautiful landscapes, healthier environments, and sometimes delicious fruit – but planting a tree without some thought and planning can be more of a liability than an asset. Fall is a great time to plant trees and, luckily, Purdue University Extension is here to help you plant wisely:

  • Location: The right location is crucial for healthy, long-term tree growth. Make sure you check what kind of tree you’re planting so you can anticipate its size and plant it where it has plenty of room to grow. Selecting the proper tree and proper placement can enhance your property value, can prevent costly trimming and maintenance, and can lower the risk of damage to your property.
  • Clear the air: Regardless of the location on land, make sure there’s space above for your tree to grow. Call 811 before you dig to make sure there’s no interference with utilities above or below the ground.
  • Gauge the ground: Once you’ve planted your tree in one location, it isn’t going anywhere! Make sure that the ground is in perfect shape to permanently have a tree in it by checking on the soil type and pH, draining and exposure to the sun. Your tree won’t stand a chance if its base level isn’t prepared for it

For more tips and videos on tree planting, read more here.

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