Peony For Your Thoughts: University of Alaska Finds a Surprising New Industry

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It’s officially wedding season, and if you’re planning a celebration this summer that uses peonies, you might owe a thank you to the University of Alaska.

Several years ago, it might have been hard to find peonies at a decent price, if you could even find them at all. But University of Alaska researchers and Cooperative Extension specialists worked together to build a new industry in Alaska that helps bring the pretty flower to your table.

What started as 25 roots has turned into a market of 60,000 peonies, the number that is due to deliver this year.  And the new flower is creating a surprising new, and profitable, industry in Alaska in areas where there is not a huge agricultural industry, due to its unique climate conditions.

Curious how Alaska ended up with peonies over another flower? Read how the team got started – and held their own peony conference! – here.

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