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PawPaw: the hidden health fruit

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National Nutrition Month is here, and that means it’s time to stock up on all of the garden-goodies that keep your body running. Everyone knows about the staple health foods, like kale or blueberries, but this is NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH. It’s a big deal, and there are so many fruits and vegetables to explore.

Enter the pawpaw, a rising (star)fruit in the world of nutrition – not to be confused with the papaya. This fruit is green on the outside, and about the size of a large potato when ripe. Its taste is usually described as a mix between a banana, a mango, and a pineapple, with the softness of a ripe avocado.

Native to 26 of the 50 states, this hidden gem of the botanical world is great for your body, even if nobody knows it. Luckily, Ohio State University is working to change that. They have been conducting research with Ohio’s pawpaw growers in order to find ways to get these green little guys into the marketplace and onto your plate.

To learn more about the sale and health benefits of the pawpaw fruit, check out OSU’s pawpaw research:

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