Oregon State University researchers discover extreme health benefits associated with raspberries

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Neil Shay and a team of Oregon State University researchers recently conducted a study that shows the enormous health benefits of raspberries. These benefits are attributed to the high amounts of fiber and tannins found in raspberries.

OSU researchers conducted a study with three groups of mice, all receiving different treatments. The first group was given a high-fat diet similar to a human diet. The second was given the same high-fat diet, however about 2.5% of the daily caloric intake was supplanted with raspberries (about one cup or 50 calories in a human diet). The last group was given a low-fat diet. All three groups were given the same number of daily calories.

The results of the study are astounding: at the end of the study, the mice given raspberries were visibly slimmer and had less fat in their livers. Also, the raspberries seemed to help the mice better regulate their blood glucose and insulin. These results are interesting, however not enough studies on humans have been conducted to confirm the results. These so-called “super foods” such as raspberries, walnuts, and cherries, are becoming increasingly known for their health benefits. This study, if not affirms these benefits, adds more to the conversation that “super foods” should be more actively added to people’s everyday diets.

To learn more about this research from Oregon State, read more here.

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