Oregon State University Leads Young Students in Outdoor Education Program

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Last November, Oregon voters elected a new leader and a new pipeline for funds to fund outdoor education programs in their school districts. The new Outdoor School program will give Oregon’s fifth- and sixth-graders the opportunity to have at least three consecutive days of outdoor education as part of their school experience.

Kristopher Elliott is a science educator who was hired by Oregon State University Extension to lead the program and is passionate about the impact it can have on these children.

“I was from a small town in the Sacramento Valley, and I had the opportunity to spend five days on the northern California coast,” he said. “We took night hikes through the redwood forests. I experienced a tide pool for the first time, and I learned the names of the organisms that lived in it. I want every young person to have that kind of experience.”

Outdoor education programs are not only a great tool for hands-on learning, but also a chance for kids to get moving outside the classroom. To learn more about this particular program and Elliott’s plans, read more here.

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