Ohio State University tells us everything we need to know about the E. coli outbreak

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In recent news, you may have seen information about an E. coli outbreak in Canada’s lettuce. American consumers are worried about the impact this strain could have on their produce. Luckily, the Ohio State University has come in to tell us what we do know, and encourage us to remain calm.

Ohio State reports that the CDC has officially linked the outbreak to leafy greens, but they haven’t identified a single type or brand associated with the outbreak. They are still investigating the issue and interviewing sick people to determine what they ate, and how it all may be connected. For now, just be careful with what you’re eating and make sure to use proper food safety practices to ensure healthy preparation in the kitchen.

There are a lot of ways that leafy greens can become contaminated with E. coli, beginning on the farm where they are grown. Once they’re in your kitchen, if consumed raw, they could make you sick. Experts from Ohio State warn consumers that washing contaminated greens doesn’t remove all bacteria, and although cooking can eliminate it, most people don’t cook their leafy green salads. 

 For more information on the symptoms of E. coli and the CDC’s findings, read more here.

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