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Podcasts are a farmer’s best friend

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“Nutrients” is a word that’s used around a lot these days. Our doctors tell us that we aren’t getting enough, there are fancy new “nutrient enhanced” kombucha drinks out there, and our soil is always demanding more of them. But even with all this talk, many people still don’t know what the word really means. We know nutrients exist, but how many of us actually know where they come from, or why they’re so great?

Luckily, researchers at the University of Minnesota know plenty about the subject and they want to share that knowledge through a podcast named “Nutrient Management Podcast”. This initiative is geared towards Minnesota farmers and agricultural professionals. While the podcast is pretty advanced for someone with no knowledge of agriculture, for those willing to put in some effort to learn it’s absolutely worth it: packed with professional testimony and titillating research, this fifteen-minute slice of farming genius is a great way to get yourself educated on those mythical nutrients, and how to use them to turn that boring old soil into a thriving patch of new growth.

To learn more about this podcast from the University of Minnesota, read the full article, or listen here.

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