New Mexico State University Launches New Gardening Initiative with Navajo Communities

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Lack of access to nutritious foods, which is typical to many areas with dense Navajo populations, is one cause of the high diabetes rate among Navajo individuals. The Yeégo Gardening project with New Mexico State University is a multiyear, multi-partner program that seeks to promote healthier lifestyles within northeastern Navajo communities.

Gardening brings a host of societal and health benefits to these areas, supplying educational workshops, community cohesiveness through shared investment in the project as well as access to fresh, nutrient rich vegetables. The project enters its third growing season this year, and also hosts a series of workshops to cover aspects of gardening and Navajo cultural components to increase engagement among adults.

The project, also supported by the University of Washington, is now measuring behaviors among participants to track healthier changes. Read more about the project here.


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