Montana State University Researcher Awarded Outstanding Early Career Weed Scientists of the Year

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Montana State University’s Professor Prashant Jha was named the Outstanding Early Career Weed Scientist by the Weed Science Society of America. Professor Jha was nominated for the award by colleagues in his field as he has become a nationally recognized expert for his work with herbicide-resistant weeds in his brief career at MSU.

The focus of Professor Jha’s main research is with glyphosate-resistant kochia, which is a weed that steals water and nutrients from winter wheat. Being resistant to glyphosate means that it is resistant to the active ingredient in Roundup, which makes the popular herbicide ineffective in killing the weed.

Professor Jha has developed expertise using modern molecular techniques in weed management. He has brought in more than $4.8 million in outside funding to support his work to establish a molecular laboratory and establish infrastructure, despite competing for the funding against other leading scientists and working in a remote location with a small team. His work has brought him to collaborate nationally with weed scientists and researchers to design cost-effective, integrated weed management strategies for dryland and irrigated cropping systems. His research also focuses on weed biology, ecology and evolutionary dynamics with a current focus on precision weed management.

In addition to winning numerous additional awards and being in constant demand as a speaker, Professor Jha is often approached by other weed scientists wishing to collaborate with him and he has mentored several postdoctoral researchers.

To learn more about Professor  Prashant Jha’s research and Montana State University, read more here.

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