Join Over 2,400 Ohio Businesses and Residents in Powering Your Land with Solar Panels

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If you’re considering powering your farm with solar panels but not sure where to start, you may want to check out the Ohio State University’s new webinar. Starting later this month, a six-part series of webinars will inform participants about Photovoltaic (PV) panels that convert sunlight into electricity. These panels can be installed on a roof or placed on the ground of your farm.

“I’m not here to sell a system,” said Eric Romich, statewide energy specialist for the Ohio State University Extension and teacher of the webinars. “My role is to help farmers understand what type of financial return, if any, they’ll have on an investment in solar panels.”

Although the installation of a PV solar energy system is a major investment, the cost has decreased in recent years. There is also plenty of potential for profitability once they’re installed, but it’s important for anyone who is considering buying to examine the costs and potential savings.

To figure out your numbers and develop a plan, check out the Ohio State University’s webinars. For more information on dates and pricing, read more here.


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