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Iowa State University Provides Free Resources for Farmers Who Need Financial, Legal, and Psychological Guidance

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2017 has been a challenging year for farmers, and 2018 is not guaranteed to be better. Iowa State University doesn’t want farmers to go through it alone and has resources available for those who need help:

  • Iowa Concern: A product of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Iowa Concern is a toll-free number, live chat website, and email service that serves the agricultural community 24 hours a day, 7 days per week at no charge. Iowans can contact Iowa Concern to communicate with lawyers, stress counselors, crisis and disaster help organizations, financial advisors, and more.
  • Farm Financial Planning Program: Provided by the ISU Extension and Outreach, this confidential, free service consists of one-on-one financial counseling as well as a computerized analysis of the farm business and referral to other helpful extension resources. The program aims at helping farmers understand the complete picture of their farm’s financial situation and providing access to a finance professional to guide them into a successful future.
  • Finding Answers Now: ISU Extension and Outreach’s stress helpline has plenty of tools and expert resources in helping farmers manage emotional stress related to agricultural and financial situations. Their lifestyle tips show farmers how rest and hydration can help calm their minds and prepare them to take on emotional and physical challenges, while their helpline allows farmers to call in and express their specific concerns directly to an expert.

In these tough environmental and economic times, it is important that our farmers have the resources they need to successfully run their business. Click here to read more about ISU’s resources and how they can help farmers manage their mental, physical, environmental, and financial health.

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