Iowa State University Extension Prescribes Best Practices for Flood and Water Quality Management

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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has shared a series of publications titled “The Iowa Watershed Approach,” prescribing and detailing a variety of practices that can be implemented to reduce flooding and improve water quality. The publications are intended to make landowners aware of the different bodies of water they may encounter, and educate them on how implementing different management practices impact water quality.

The publications cover a range of topics, including best practices on how ponds can prevent soil erosion on farms, how sediment control basins can remove pollutants in runoff, and how strategically placed wetlands can serve as a wildlife habitat and filter out chemicals pesticides found in runoff. The publications are designed to both raise public awareness and to provide information to landowners who might be interested in implementing one or more of the practices.

To check out these publications from the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, read more here.

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