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April is here, and so is gardening season! If you’re looking to start your very own garden full of essential fruits and veggies or fun-loving flowers, look no further. Get your green thumb on and get ready to have the best yard and garden on the block, with these tips and tricks from Michigan State University:


  • Mow at the highest setting to promote deep roots, avoid grub damage and crowd out weeds.
  • Mulch leaves and grass clippings into lawn to recycle nutrients.
  • Learn how to have a smart lawn.


  • Select the right fruit for your location and needs. Plant size, soil conditions, winter hardiness and number of years before harvest are essential factors to consider for any would-be fruit grower.
  • Learn how to grow smart backyard fruit.




Gardening to Protect Pollinators

Check out their page for more information on gardening, soil, and more!

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