Fort Valley State University Uses Unique Device for Groundbreaking Food Safety Research

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In addition to being named Color of the Year, ultraviolet is making a statement in food safety research. The USDA has provided Fort Valley State University with a $35,000 device that uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms on food surfaces. Dr. Ajit Mahapatra, FVSU associate professor of food and bioprocess engineering, said the system is unique because it’s a safer and more sanitary method than usual food safety practices. This device can be used to decontaminate foods and extend shelf life without heat or chemical preservatives.

“It has less impact in changing the color of the food and texture, and it doesn’t increase the temperature of the food because of the short duration of exposure to the light pulses,” Mahapatra said.

Having this device on FVSU’s campus not only provides the opportunity for great research for the food industry, but also a great hands-on experience for FVSU students.

“Whatever we’re learning here, we can implement in the food industry and use to enhance our information and incorporate many techniques,” said FVSU biotechnology graduate students, Richa Arya.

This device is groundbreaking in the food industry, and could provide the general public with safer meat, liquid, and vegetables. To learn more about the device and its possibilities, click here.

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