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There’s a new study about the U.S. egg industry

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It’s National Egg Month and chances are if you’re eating eggs made (laid) the U.S., they came from Iowa. In fact, Iowa is the top egg producer in the United States, producing one out of every five eggs in the country. Based on data pulled from the Iowa Egg Industry Center, they produced over 16 billion eggs between 2016 and 2017.

As the U.S. leading egg producer, Iowa has begun to undertake studies that will help researchers understand the egg market further. One of these studies is being conducted by the Egg Industry Center at Iowa State University. This study’s goal is to fill an 18-year-old gap in information important to the U.S. egg industry. They want to help egg farmers stay up to date on the packaging costs they incur, and the study provides a ton of technical data on egg packaging. For example:

  • The total cost of processing a dozen eggs today is between 43 and 49 cents
  • The average 12 egg carton costs 9.8 cents
  • It costs 2 cents per dozen just to pick up the eggs from the warehouse

To view all of this egg-citment for yourself, feel free to check out the full study here.

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