Dispose of your Christmas Tree Safely with these Tips from Texas A&M

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From all of us at Ag Is America, we hope that everyone is having a healthy, happy holiday season.

While food safety is always a top concern during the holidays, we also hope you stay safe as you clean up another holiday matter. The beautiful Christmas tree in your living room won’t last forever, and it is crucial that you dispose of it properly.

“While Christmas tree fires are fairly rare, they can still cause serious property damage and possibly injury or death,” said Joyce Cavanagh, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension specialist in family and community health. “The fires typically start due to an open flame from a candle or a short in the electrical lights, but there are other ways Christmas trees can catch fire.”

To prevent fires and other damage from Christmas tree removal, follow these tips from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and the National Fire Protection Agency:

  • Provide a direct water source for your tree or water it frequently to keep the tree from drying out.
  • Inspect holiday lights for frayed wires or wear that might spark a fire.
  • Once the needles start dropping and turning brown, remove the tree from the home.
  • See if your community has a Christmas tree collection or recycling program, and make arrangements for pickup from the appropriate removal service as soon as possible. Dried-out trees can still be a fire hazard when they’re left outside.
  • If needles drop onto the floor during the process of tree removal, it’s better to sweep them up as opposed to vacuuming, because the needles can clog your vacuum cleaner.

For more tips on safe tree removal, read these other tips from Texas A&M.

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