Cranberry Counting Just Got Faster with This Technological Boost from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Can you imagine hand-counting thousands of acres of cranberries? Well that’s what growers in big cranberry-producing states such as Massachusetts and Wisconsin face, with their collective 21,000 acres of cranberry bogs.

To get important information about berry quality and the projected harvest, cranberry growers endure the time-consuming and laborious task of hand-counting berry crops. According to Wisconsin-based scientist Ben Tilberg, who is with the grower-owned cooperative Ocean Spray Cranberries, “There might be anywhere from 300 to 500 berries per square foot, and we count hundreds of squares each crop year.”

Tilberg connected with the University of Wisconsin-Madison for help in finding a more efficient, technologically advanced method for this task. The partnership has led to a new device that automates the counting process without having to pick any berries. The device has the potential for a more accurate count of the crop and tracking the success of the harvest as a whole.

To learn more about this microwave technology changing the cranberry industry, read more here.

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