Cornell University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and more Inspire Kids During 4-H’s National Youth Science Day

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Earlier this month, the 10th annual 4-H National Youth Science Day (4-H NYSD) empowered kids across the country to unlock their passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through activities and events. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln led this year’s challenge, Incredible Wearables, which had participants engineering and designing wearable fitness tracking devices. These hands-on experiences are not only great ways to teach kids about STEM, but a chance for 4-H and land-grant universities to show them how these skills can be used to improve the world around them.

“4-H NYSD brings science to life for young people and exposes them to real-world applications of classroom lessons. Wearable technology is especially relevant and continues to improve lives around the world, impacting our experiences with fitness, professional sports and beyond,” said three-time NFL Pro-Bowler Tony Richardson, who took part in 4-H NYSD’s flagship event in Brooklyn, NY.

Tens of thousands of kids were joined by 4-H teen leaders and volunteers in designing, building, and optimizing the health trackers. Famous athletes like Richardson helped the kids test their devices and collect data at the flagship event, hosted by Cornell University Cooperative Extension.

“4-H NYSD is a catalyst that sparks kids’ interest in STEM. This year’s challenge gives youth an opportunity to be engineers for a day through a fun and hands-on project that teaches kids how technology can be created through engineering, not just bought in a store,” said Jennifer Sirangelo, president and CEO, National 4-H Council. “With support from our partners, we were able to bring the lasting impact of NYSD to tens of thousands of kids across the country, helping them become the next generation of STEM leaders and innovators.”

To learn more about the challenge, 4-H NYSD, and its partners, read more here.

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