Cornell University Students Present Findings on Lake Treman to New York State Park Officials

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A reservoir dam impounding Lake Treman in Ithaca, New York has been accumulating enough sediment to turn the lake into plodding marsh. Students at Cornell University are stepping up to study and determine ways to manage this.

Professor Tom Whitlow led his Restoration Ecology class in examining Lake Treman’s many components. The class worked with the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation to develop a plan for managing the lake. The students then got to present their research to state parks officials.

The students’ work included inventory of trees and plants, collecting water samples and producing a bottom profile of the remaining lake using canoes equipped with a sonar bathymetry system, and comparing the area’s aerial maps over an 80-year period.

To learn more about the students’ findings and report to New York State officials, read more here.

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