Cornell University Holds Conference for Stakeholders in Controlled Environment Agriculture

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In early November, indoor farming experts and entrepreneurs came together at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Their goal was to create viable businesses for local vegetables and produce grown indoors using controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

CEA works by combining heating and lighting with hydroponic and soilless production, resulting in year-round production of fresh vegetables. This exciting development can help producers lengthen their growing season and make the most out of their greenhouses. These types of studies are what makes Cornell a world leader in CEA research.

“It is exciting to see how Cornell is expanding its commitment in controlled environment agriculture to include the business of running a CEA operation,” said Tim Cunniff, executive vice president of sales and marketing for an indoor lettuce production leader, Little Leaf Farms. “Cornell is in an excellent position to advance a scalable local food movement, and all of us at Little Lead Farms are excited to be a part of the process.”

The November conference allowed for these business owners, professors, and researchers to meet to talk about these new discoveries and how they can impact and benefit the agriculture industry.

For more information on how CEA works and how it can impact the conference attendees and beyond, read more here.

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